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An Alberta Malt barley story: A tradition started by my father

I grow a few different crops on my farm. But none bring more joy to more people than Malt Barley! My dad started growing Harrington in the 80's and had limited success getting it accepted for malt but I remember when he did it was a big deal. We would go years with our malt going for feed at half the price but he never gave up. Then about 15 yrs ago I started to grow some different varieties and our luck changed. I started with Merit  and it was a great variety that Anheuser Busch in the U.S. liked for their specialty beers and I grew it for 10 years before it was phased out. Then Meredith that was phased out 2 years ago then on to Metcalfe and now I grow all Copeland.
  Growing malt barley is a bit tricky and a bit stressful. The factors that the malt processors take into consideration are :Germination :Chit :Protein :Plump and Moisture. If any one of these isn't in the right specs there is a good chance it will be rejected.

  Germination is the percent of the barley seed …