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An open letter to our friends in the city: The challenges of #Harvest16

Dear Urban friends,

   I am writing this after a very challenging harvest for many farmers. The year started out like many others with fair seeding conditions. The ground had adequate moisture and most farmers in my area had their seed in the ground earlier than normal. The growing season saw an abundance of rain as you probably noticed in the cities and large towns you live in. This helped to make the crops grow but also delayed maturity. By mid August it was looking like most canola would not be swathed till mid to late September which is about 2-3 weeks later than normal. The peas were maturing but were flooded out in places and cereals didn't want to turn from green to golden brown due to cool nights and wet soil.   September weather was unsettled allowing for small windows of opportunity to get some peas and cereals in the bin. These harvest days consisted of getting up early in the morning and preparing equipment for the day. This included greasing combines and fueling them …