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Rumsey Soybeans Year 2: 2016 growing season

2015 was my first attempt at growing Soybeans and I had kept my expectations low going in but felt that the potential was there to add a great crop to the rotation. At the end of the growing season I was happy to see that I'd harvest my first soybean crop. The yields and returns were all right but not to the point where I could say they were competitive with my other crops. My goal in year 2 was to find varieties that will offer yields that make it a crop I can put in the rotation and feel confident I can see a decent return. So I went into year 2 with a little more knowledge and hopes for more timely rains. I purchased a new drill going into 2016 moving to a 46' from a 33', with the addition of some new land to seed I felt I needed it to get the crop in the ground in a timely manner. It is still 10" spacing and 3" Dutch low draft openers. I like this setup as it is simple and does a good job in most soil types. Having some heavy clay soils means some openers a…