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Growing Yellow Peas in Central Alberta #Plant16

I thought I would write down some of what I've learned growing yellow peas over the last decade or so. This is one Alberta producers experience and may not reflect everyone's so please do your own research as well, these are just starting points. And if you have anything to add please comment below and I can edit as we go and hopefully learn from one another. I hope this can start a discussion to share grower experiences concerning peas.

   With record high prices for yellows and the ability to lock in new crop at all time highs as well, more and more farmers are considering growing peas for the first time or returning to them after a bit of a hiatus. Input costs can be lower with peas because you apply little or no fertilizer but seed costs this spring will eat into profits, but it's important to buy good seed. Seeding rates can be upwards of 3-4 bu/acre depending on seed counts (aim for 75-90 plants/M2) and you do not want to buy seed with low germ or vigor. Vigor test…