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Farmtech 2016 : My return after around 10 years

I remember how cold it was the last time I went to FarmTech. January in Edmonton can be that way as we all know. The meeting rooms were small but the speakers were very good. I don't remember a whole lot of the content but the main speaker was an Australian who spoke on CTF(Controlled Traffic). My farming interests were way different back then as well. I was still in cattle and was just starting to embrace some of the new technology. Farming was evolving faster than the IPhone back then and new things  were coming on line almost monthly.
   This year leading up to the show I was excited to see how it had changed. Everyone I had talked to said the venue was way bigger and of course way more people. I wondered with it being bigger if it would be less personal and speakers less approachable. When I went last time I think only 3 or 4 from my community were there and this time I'm sure it was going to be around 20 or more.
   The twitter community was full of info leading up to …