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Agri-Trade and my Farm through the years

Red Deer Agri-Trade started in the mid 80's and I attended my first one somewhere around 1988. Back then I had just graduated from Olds College and was farming with my dad and brother. Going to school had opened my eyes up to many new ideas in agriculture and I wasn't content to just keep doing things the same old way. We were still seeding canola with a John Deere box drill, that limited the amount of seed placed fertilizer and also made it so you needed to cultivate before you seeded. The co-op diskers were used to direct seed into stubble but  we only used this on a small amount of acres as we seeded half our land and fallowed the other half.

  In the Early 90's air seeders were new technology for me and I was happy to see Bourgault and Flexi-coil tanks and air seeders at the farm show. I was able to study them up close and decide what kind I would like and in the end we bought a Bourgault 2115 tank and an 800 Flexi-coil. This method of seeding still required you to …